Saturday, February 15, 2014

Interactive Notebooks and Challenge Based Learning - #2

In my last post I spoke about how we were  implementing Interactive Notebooks into our Challenge Based Learning (CBL) process so I thought spend some time demonstrating what this could look like in an elementary school classroom. This may turn into a series of post, but for now here is a lesson done with my second grade students in the midst of their CBL Challenge: To help keep Oneco Elementary School's Campus clean and beautiful

The strategies I present in this video have been taken and modified from Discovery Education's - Spotlight on Strategies (S.O.S) Blog. I was introduced to this incredible series about two months ago and it is quickly becoming one of my go to resources when dealing with multimedia.

Please make sure to watch all the way to the end to hear a couple of students discuss their metacognitive thinking. 

Here is the blank graphic organizer I use with my kindergarten and first graders. As we make our way through different videos we use Post-its in each section to hold our thoughts. 


  1. I bet I have watched this video at least six or seven times while editing it and I can not believe I missed this. At the beginning of the video I ask the students to Sum It Up or give me to five words for the story The Lorax. Cody said,
    "He speaks for the trees," which is five words that explain the main point of the story. This was not the direction I wanted to go so for our activity and I did feel it necessary to guide him to choose just one word. Still his answer was brilliant and I need to let him know I think so.