Monday, March 7, 2011

My ADE Application Experience

About a week ago the ADE invitations went out and sadly I did not receive one. Honestly, I knew going in that the competition was tough and that it was a long shot. I had seen many incredible videos on You Tube and I was impressed by them. Then after the announcement went out there was a lot of chatter on Twitter and blogs, which I found interesting. Others gave the benefits of being recognized by Apple, adding thee letters behind their names and the training offered to ADEs for being their reasons for applying. Which I couldn't argue that those things would have been wonderful, but that was not my reason for applying. With that said, I was feeling reflective this week so looked at my application again. Truth is, I had no plans of broadcasting the fact that I had indeed applied and was not chosen. However, after reviewing my application I realize that I did want to share a thought that appeared both in the last paragraph of the written portion of my application and the last couple lines in my video.

So for what it is worth here they are:

“I am passionate about the role Apple Technology has played (and will play) in our laboratory and beyond. I also feel honored to have met either face to face or virtually several members of the ADE community. These individuals have taught me a great deal while encouraging me along the way and I’ve felt so bless to have them in my life. With that said, I would like to thank Apple for both building such a community and empowering its members to reach out to other educators to impact even more classrooms. It is truly my hope to join this community continue the work that has already begun.”

Finally, Congratulations to the ADE Class of 2011 and for all the ADEs in my PLN thanks for all the learning. YOU ALL ROCK!

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